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Asphaltia: The Getting from There from Here

I had to talk my husband into it but now we don't go anywhere without it.

In order to be entirely honest, I will have to admit that I get more into Asphaltia then I really should, or probably should. Part superstition and part mark of simply being in the family, Asphaltia marks the cars of us and our loved ones and with the holiday season quickly approaching I had Tania make a few so I could offer the same to you.

I've never been able to get a straight answer as to where the idea of Asphaltia came from. A small circle of asphalt, wrapped in artist wire and decorations, attached to a cord and hanging under the rearview mirror. It's an odd creation but one that, in our circle at least, we generally swear by.

The idea is simple. By honoring the road the road may, if it's in the mood, be kinder to us. It's no replacement for safe driving or common-sense precautions. But there have been reports of life being a little easier. Lights turning more conveniently, near hits instead of near misses - little things.

For those of us here it has an additional and sweeter meaning. We make sure to give one to those we love. My Mother and Sister were told in no uncertain terms that I was getting them one, and friend of the store (and basically sister at this point) Erin was dragged to the store storage area and told to pick one. I would feel better about her driving home if I knew she had one while she did. These are the people I love and I want them safe. I need them to be safe.

The ones in the store now are nicer then they've been in the past. Additional symbols and charms add layers of protection (if you buy into that kind of thing). But there are also a few basic ones for people like me - who aren't super fond of so many frills.

Regardless, the chaos of the traveling holidays are quickly coming on us. Halloween is the gateway to that time of year and the sad news of those who get hurt or worse during that season isn't something anyone wants. So with Asphalstia or with caffeine and good sense - be safe. You are loved beyond words and there are people who need you to be safe and come back to them.

Love always from all of us here, and may the path be kind.

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