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Times they are a changin'

But not too much, that wouldn't do.

A few notes just to get everyone up to date.

The Facebook show will be on the "All About the Rock" Page at 7 every Friday. There's been a problem with people being able to make shows but we're trying to find a time that works. This might be it. If you aren't a member of the page already do make sure to apply and register ahead of time. The lovelies above are for this Friday.

There will be a new video, both posted here and on the facebook page. I put up between 50 to 100 new items on the website. The video will be the new pretties that, at the time of the video, will be up for sale. The first one is next Thursday, the 10th, and will be every Thursday after. You can even join in and we can hang out and talk.

The website has been overhauled with one page that I know will be liked - a discount page. Better the page's discounts are applied immediately at checkout because like is just hard enough without the extra work. Additionally, pages have search and filtering options, so finding that one thing you just need to have will take no time at all.

Till next time may the path be kind.

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